Revision- English Literature

Revision- English

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Revision TasksQuote Sheet AIC Quote Sheet P&C • Homework Revision Schedule

Literature: Know It

An Inspector Calls: OrganiserQuotation Sheet

Macbeth: Context Tasks • Organiser Quotation Sheet

Power & Conflict: Know The Poems Organiser Quotation Sheet

Secure It

An Inspector Calls: Revision BookletExploding Quotations

Macbeth: The Booklet Exploding Quotations

Power & Conflict: Quotation DrillsExploding Quotations

What? How? Why?

Apply It

An Inspector Calls: Essay QuestionsAim Higher

Macbeth: Essay QuestionsAim Higher Challenge Quotes • Context Topics

Power & Conflict: Aim HigherChallenge Grid Essay Questions Critical Sentence Openers  

Some Tips

 100 Words to sharpen your expression



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