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Pastoral Care

Visitors to the school often remark upon the positive relationships between staff and students. We recognise that students have different needs and respond to challenges in a variety of ways. The committed contributions of our Pastoral Team of form tutors, heads of year and our Student Support Team supports the growth and development of all students. They focus on all aspects of students’ welfare and involvement in school life. Your daughters/sons form tutor will monitor progress in academic work and will ensure that they benefit in as many ways as possible from an education at North Bromsgrove High School.

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There is a weekly drop in session on Monday lunchtimes if students have any problems they may wish to discuss with the school nurse. Counsellors are also available, where needed and head of years will liaise as appropriate.

Adolescence can be a turbulent time for teenagers as well as for parents. effective communication between home and school can ensure any difficulties are jointly resolved. You are encouraged to contact your daughter/sons form tutor to share information, seek advice or raise concerns.

Parents are kept informed as their daughter/son progress through regular progress reviews and an annual parent consultation evening. As well as a range of other events. Please see the school calendar for more information

Heads of Year

Head of Year 9
Miss A Johnston –
Head of Year 10
Miss K
Head of Year 11
Miss S Pearce –

Attendance & Behaviour Team

Attendance Leader
Mrs J Belmonte –

Pastoral Support 
Mrs D Reeves –
Mrs K Harrison –

SEN Team

Mrs R Jenkinson – rje@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.u

If parents want more information about services and facilities available to students with Special Education Needs this leaflet provides details and information. Click Here