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Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme is a major part of life at North Bromsgrove High School and large numbers of students each year dedicate an enormous number of hours to expeditions, sports, helping the local community and learning new skills.

We are pleased to announce that NBHS has seen more candidates receive their Bronze, Silver or Gold certificates than in previous years and it continues to grow in strength and popularity. 

At each level, the award is made of four sections:



The aim of this section is to give service to other people and to the local community. It gives participants the opportunity to increase their self-confidence, to accept responsibility, understand strengths, appreciate other people and care for the environment.



In this section participants will plan, prepare and undertake an adventurous journey usually on foot but also sometimes on bikes, horseback or even in canoes, in an unfamiliar and remote environment. Pupils become part of a self-reliant team working together to overcome challenges.

The training syllabus includes safety and emergency procedures, basic first aid, navigation, route finding, map and compass skills, camp craft, country, highway and water sports codes and team building.



The Skills section is about developing personal interests and learning practical skills. It gives participants the chance to learn something new, get organised, meet new people, try something different and have fun.


Physical Recreation
In this section participants get involved in a sport or physical activity. It gives pupils opportunities to improve fitness, meet new challenges, increase self-confidence and gain a sense of achievement. 

If you are keen to get involved, please contact out Assistant Headteacher in charge of our co-curricular offer, Miss. McKenzie 

Expedition dates and information

Year 9 Bronze

Practice Expeditions:
19th-20th May 2023 (Group A)
26th-27th May 2023 (Group B)
Qualifying Expedition:
29th – 30th September 2023 (ALL)

Year 10 Silver

Practice Expeditions:
22nd - 25th June 2023
Qualifying Expeditions:
12th – 15th October 2023

Sixth Form Silver

Practice Expedition:
30th March - 2nd April 2023
Qualifying Expedition: 
22nd - 25th June 2023

Bronze DofE Information

Silver DofE Information


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