Progress Leaders


Progress Leaders

Miss Pearce


My name is Miss Pearce I have been teaching for twenty-five years. Within my career, I have been Head of Department, Head of House, and Head of Year.



I joined the North Bromsgrove team in January 2018 as Head of year 11. I feel that North Bromsgrove High school is at an exciting time of development. I am now the Progress Leader of year 11 which requires me to have a strategic overview of every individual to ensure that they reach their full potential.

I believe that education is about opening doors for our students, and keeping them open. By nurturing young minds, by instilling respect for oneself and others, and by building confidence, we can empower our students so that they are able to make informed choices. The CARE values are developed in the year group through ‘My Personal Best’. This aims to develop life skills, leadership and employability skills in young people such as resilience, empathy and teamwork.

These are needed in an ever-changing 21st-century global community. I value each and every one of our young people and they are at the centre of everything we do as a school.

My students are a fantastic group of young people who tell us that they feel happy, safe, and well cared for here at North Bromsgrove High school. They really appreciate the opportunities on offer.

There are a vast array of enrichment activities so that our students also have fun and enjoy learning on their journey towards success. Superhero week is just one of the many enrichment activities that have created a learning environment that stimulates and motivates our pupils to develop. 

My vision for the coming year is to support all of my students both academically and pastorally. It will be vital we support students in re-establishing relationships, getting re-used to North expectations and identify how we can support them with their learning, so we can address any gaps in knowledge and ensure continued progress.


Miss Major

I have been teaching at North Bromsgrove High School since September 2018, before that I taught at Catshill Middle School for 12 years. Having taught in Bromsgrove for such a long period of time, I understand the importance/ expectation of education to both pupils and parents. 

To give something back to the local community I decided to coach a local girls' football team. It is pleasure to work with some of our pupils outside of school in another environment seeing them thrive outside the classroom.

For me, school is about developing the ‘whole individual’ and ‘creating memories’ which is why North Bromsgrove High school and I are a perfect match. 

As the Progress Leader for year 10, it is my job to ensure that all students reach their potential in the subjects they study. I believe that for pupils to achieve we need to allow them to develop their character through other activities and opportunities outside of the classroom; this includes end-of-term trips, extracurricular clubs, talent shows, residential trips, awards/ qualifications which take place outside of the classroom.

I am proud to be the progress leader of year 10 and look forward to many more years together.


Mrs Franklin

Hi! I’m Mrs Franklin, and I am one of the Progress Leaders here at North Bromsgrove High School and Sixth Form.

Originally from the North East, I got lost in the Midlands in 2012, and have worked in a few schools across South Birmingham, Sandwell, and Worcestershire. I have had different variations of a Head of Year role for 6 years, and I’m really excited about getting back into it at North Bromsgrove! 

I love this aspect of my job as, whilst I love teaching Science, I got into teaching to help students, and really enjoy being a part of their personal growth and seeing the fantastic young people they to grow into over their 5 years with us who are ready to contribute positively to society. 

The school’s ethos of a child-centred approach is something I hold dear, and I pride myself on this in my work ethic. Your child is an individual who I invest time in getting to know so I can work with them effectively, praising them when they succeed but challenging them when they fall below my high expectations of them, a bit like a school Mam! (I’m sorry, even after so long, I can’t say Mom!).  

My vision is that all students in my care are supported by my wonderful team of tutors, my pastoral manager and I to achieve their very best, reaching their goals and aspirations of themselves and, most importantly, that they are happy, safe and successful.  

I’m only at the other end of a computer screen should any of your family need anything from our North Bromsgrove family. Please do not hesitate to contact me at; we can discuss over email, arrange a mutually convenient time to meet or for me to call to resolve whatever concerns you may have. I always endeavour to return correspondence in 24 hours but will respond within 48 hours.


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