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Year 11 on the road to success

Year 11 on the road to success!

Following the mock exams, we ran the ‘results’ day which focused on the Minimum Expected Grade (which are the grades your child is capable of achieving) compared to their current grade. As a reminder, a grade 4 is a standard pass (the old grade C) and a 5 is a strong pass (C+/B). The higher grades of 7-9 are the old A-A*. We provided a supporting reflection booklet to help refine their work ethic and make any changes needed for the summer exams. 

We had an excellent guest speaker this week for the year group called Jim Roberson. He spoke about education linked to opportunity and revision. He told the students to spend two hours revising each night, splitting it into four 30 minute sessions. Each session follows the plan of a 5-minute review of learning; 20 minutes revising new subject material and 5 minutes testing yourself. At the end of the session, they were all given a booklet (here on the website) which details all subjects, what to revise and what grade 4, 5 and 7 look like in those subjects.  

Year 11 have had an assembly today which we have recorded, so you can see the key messages about how to study and create a Revision Timetable All students have been given a copy of a blank timetable but if they want another one, you can print it off from the website here  

Finally, as it is Children’s Mental Health Week, it is important to stress that we recognise that the exam period can be worrying for families. We have produced a film with guidance from Mr Richard Pincher, our school counsellor, which is worth watching Children's Mental Health Week at North... 

We have also planned a session for parents to attend in school on the 24th March at 5pm - 6.30pm focusing on how to revise for English, Maths and Science. Please save the date on your calendar. 

We have internal assessments over the next few weeks so you can plan revision with your child by checking the website here.  These are important in case we need to provide evidence for centre assessed grades. All students have a copy of their summer GCSE exam timetable which is also on the website here. We will be running a ‘shadow’ timetable around the exams so students can squeeze in a subject booster session before the actual exams.  

Thank you for all your hard work supporting the school’s efforts and working together to ensure your child gets the grades they deserve.  

If we can do anything extra to help in any way, please do get in touch.