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Word of The Week 28th September

Word of The Week 28th September

Literacy is at the heart of everything we do, and it is through good literacy skills that we prepare our young people to fulfilling opportunities throughout life and meet their full potential in their education. North Bromsgrove High School has a rigorous whole-school literacy policy which focuses on every Faculty area offered. There are many initiatives throughout the school calendar such as the ‘Word of the Week’ where students examine the roots of words to aid accessibility of unknown words, this skill is then used in lessons across the school. 

The roots and parts of words unveil meaningful knowledge about their origins. If you are teaching mathematics or science, you are drawing upon language with the same Latin and Greek roots. This offers lots of useful mental hooks to understand not just the origins of words, but to deepen your understanding of their meaning. Knowing that the root of 'scop' means to see/watch gives lots of mental hooks when a child faces new or unfamiliar words like 'microscopic', 'scope' or 'horoscope'.


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