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Women's Wrestling Champ

Women's Wrestling Champ!

One of the things that we love in our North family, is the diversity of talent and creativity amongst our students. One such example is Millie Cox, an absolute renowned name within the Midlands world of Women Wrestling.
From the age of 10, Millie loved wrestling and watched WWE with her younger brother Ashton, as he was in the hospital. As siblings, they liked the fast action, music and pace of the fights whilst it kept their thoughts away from the hospital environment.

Tragically, Millie lost her younger brother and initially, wrestling was a connection she held onto as she remembered him and coped with her loss. She then began to train every Saturday and displayed a clear talent for the sport with a strong work ethic.

ASW Midlands is Al Snow's Wrestling Academy which is famous for training John Cena and also Millie's head coach Leighton Cole. As one of only two women in the Midlands wrestling scene, Millie now supports the head coach in training 1:1 for advanced athletes or those that need to refine their skills.
The Championship match between Millie and Ricky, known professionally as Millie Beasts, versus Cindii Cole took place on the 20th of February with a chance to the ASW Women's championship belt. Despite working to the final minutes to win, Millie came second. 

We are incredibly proud of her achievements and can't wait for the next championship as we are sure she will smash it!