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What is Maths like at North?

What is Maths like at North?

‘Maths is fun’ - that's not the first statement that often trips off the tongue of any school-age student!

At NBHS however, we have seen a real cultural shift, where, across the ability range, most students embrace maths lessons and their challenges, with students reflecting on their experience in a positive way; many even admitting to enjoying them! The maths department has worked tirelessly and enthusiastically to create an environment where students feel valued and confident to take part in lessons; where it is okay to make mistakes and students understand that these errors are the signposts on their journey to success.

Staff and students foster fantastic relationships reflected in Tuesday's extra-curricular maths, where on average 100 students attend, in their own time; maths must really be fun!

During their maths journey at NBHS, students are tracked carefully and any students who fall behind are supported by a successful intervention programme. Throughout their GCSE year, students are supported in their home learning with work emailed home, or, via e-learning platforms, so that parents can be involved in the process. School holiday maths clubs have also been well attended, along with Saturday maths school at targeted times, so that students feel supported and confident about preparing for any exam.

Throughout the year, there are house competitions and the national maths challenge to stretch our students and introduce an element of competition. Maths is constantly made real by staff, with wider cultural references and the outside world used to make maths meaningful; at NBHS we have even had the original ’Enigma Machine’ in school with a workshop about coding.

‘Maths is fun’…. Just ask our students!

The photo below is from a Saturday session hence no uniforms...