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Understanding Autism

Understanding Autism 

Staff at North were privileged to receive training from Aaron Yorke, who has 15 years experience as a qualified specialist teacher & autism advisor for Local Authorities. He has a Ba Hons in Psychology, QTS, & PGC in Autism and is an autism speaker.
He provided the staff with a wealth of knowledge, recognising that as a society, we are far more aware of autism as a spectrum and recognise that diagnoses have increased in number due to increased reporting and rising diagnosis among adults, females and higher functioning individuals.
His training was bespoke and focused on a new way of working with and understanding the huge range of the autistic spectrum and embracing the individuality and creativity that brings. As a North family, we welcome all students to our school and strive to do our best for each individual. 
If you are interested in listening to Aaron here's a clip.

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