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UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge results

UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge results

North Bromsgrove High School students smash all records with outstanding Maths Challenge results 

Last month (February 2022), all North Bromsgrove High School students from the top Maths groups of Years 9, 10 and 11 participated in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge. 

In a similar fashion to the Senior Maths Challenge, the aim of this national Maths competition is to encourage mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems. 

The challenge consists of 25 multiple choice questions that have been designed to make students think and be challenged. Most are accessible, with knowledge based on both KS3 and GCSE subject knowledge, yet it also challenges those with more experience. Students were only given plain/lined paper and no calculators were allowed throughout the 60-minute paper-based challenge. 

As the Maths Challenge is a national Maths competition, North students faced tough competition as they compete against schools across the UK and around the world. Half of the participants receive certificates. Gold certificates are awarded to the top 8% of all participants, silver goes to the next top 17% and bronze goes to the next top 25% and that is not from not only the national participants but also those from overseas. 

The Maths department is delighted to announce that we have a record-breaking 77 winners – with three gold, fourteen silver and sixty bronze certificates! 

Our congratulations go to all participants, with special recognition to Lewis Ricketts (top scorer in Year 11), Tom Blizzard (Year 11) and Ashleigh Kennedy (top scorer in Year 9) who achieved gold, with Gene Smith and Riley Sanford-Godwin achieving silvers. All five of these participants are amongst the top 9,500 students from the Maths Challenge and all qualify for the follow up Pink or Grey Kangaroo competition (depending on their year group) which will take place on Thursday 17th March. 

The certificates will go well with their CVs and their plans for the next steps ahead, such as applying to the sixth form at North where we have an increasing number of students taking A-Level Maths with opportunities to do a second qualification in A-Level Further Maths. 

Mr Man, teacher of Maths at North Bromsgrove High School and organiser of the UKMT Maths Challenge for the school, said, “I am absolutely delighted that our students at North have smashed records with the highest number of winners from this year’s Intermediate Maths Challenge. This is certainly due to the hard work of our students throughout this year who continue to work to or even exceed their aspirational targets, but also to my colleagues who continue to work incredibly hard to provide good to outstanding Maths teaching to our students. I am looking forward to our students participating in the follow-up Kangaroo competition and also cannot wait to see how our students will perform in the next set of GCSE and A-Level exams this summer”.

The full list of winners are listed below in order of Year group: 


Year 9:

Gold (1): 

Ashleigh Kennedy – Grey Kangaroo qualifier and Best in Year 9 


Silver (2): 

Gene Smith – Grey Kangaroo qualifier 

Riley Sanford-Godwin – Grey Kangaroo qualifier 


Bronze (16): 

Thomas Parsons 

Samuel Harvey 

Deborah Jenkins 

Oliver Goodenough 

Jai Badesha 

Scarlett Fletcher 

Callum Weaver 

Harrison Carr 

Freya-Yvonne Stanton-Speck 

Katie Fisher 

Ewan Mosley 

Bradley Davidson 

Oliver White 

Dylan Ogden 

Carla Cox 

Tabitha Shah 


Year 10: 

Silver (3): 

Alfie Smailes – Best in Year 10 

Chin Devitt 

Aaron Machado 


Bronze (22): 

Charlie Bailey 

Eliza Cox 

Georgia Hewitt 

Harrison Gilder 

David Glaister 

Charlie Saul 

Cameron Barrett-Lees 

Kavan Fletcher 

Sophia Jones 

Olivia Kershaw 

Amelie Godfrey 

Grace Hall 

Sydney Dickinson 

Charley Keen 

Charlie McNamara 

Anya Matrix 

Annika Biggs 

Bailey Depper-Gwilliams 

Ruby-Lily Green-Jeffries 

Owen Jones 

Charley Roberts-Stock 

Madi Unwin 


Year 11: 

Gold (2): 

Lewis Ricketts – Pink Kangaroo qualifier and Best in School 

Tom Blizzard – Pink Kangaroo qualifier 


Silver (9): 

Sam Jenkins 

Sam Taylor 

Maisy Davies 

Theo Mugglestone 

Cole Collins 

Anaya Pye 

Lewis Leddington 

Milo Boffey 

Ben Gudger 


Bronze (22): 

Olly Harper 

Hayden Weston 

Jacob Kelly 

Lauren Coates 

Chloe Howdle 

Draven Fullelove 

Callum Hambleton 

Caitlin Lynch 

Tom McRoy 

Molly Curtis 

Charlie Gardiner 

Lilly Taylor 

Dylan Crowe 

Daniel Downie 

Josh Nicklin 

Adam Stone 

Allan Flanagan 

Ella Bramston 

Emily Cook 

Olivia Daly 

Jack Ellis 

Oli Hawketts  


Year 9 Gold winner and Best in Year 9 – Ashleigh Kennedy 

Year 11 Gold winners – Lewis Ricketts (Best in School) and Tom Blizzard 

11B1 Silver winners – Sam Jenkins, Sam Taylor, Ben Gudger, Cole Collins and Anaya Pye 

Year 10 silver winner  – Alfie Smailes (Best in Year 10)