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The joy of Beethoven at 15

The joy of Beethoven at 15

The joy of Beethoven at 15!
It is an absolute privilege to come into school and hear Elias Angel practising Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata - the third movement from the depths of the school hall on the grand piano.
Technical skill, passion and pure joy is evident in the clip below. 



Having started playing the piano at six, Elias has been self-taught and enjoyed playing as a hobby. Elias has gone from strength to strength with his dad, who is also a keen pianist. He particularly enjoys playing classical music as he sees the challenge and versatility required to be successful. 
Elias has aspirations to attain a grade 8 in the piano and use that to support his UCAS points when applying to university to study Law.
We know that with his hard work and determination, three years from now - that will be exactly what he will be leaving us to go off and study!
Well done, Elias!


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