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The Race For Space

The Race For Space

Last week, Year 10 Separate Science students visited the National Space Centre in Leicester.
Students were able to explore the centre, had a guided tour of the night sky in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, and participated in one of two workshops - one about programming a Mars Rover and another about Saving the planet from Near Earth Objects.
We asked some of the students for their highlights:
"I enjoyed finding out about animals that went to space. There were jellyfish that were sent up to space to breed, and the baby jellyfish didn't know how to behave due to the gravity when they were brought back to Earth."
"We learnt about constellations in the night sky during the Planetarium show - my favourite was Ursla Major which is the Great Bear."
"During our workshop, after we evaluated the danger of different Near Earth Objects and saved the Earth, we were shown how an asteroid is formed using dry ice, water, fish oil , graphite and sand."
"Some of us learnt how to programme a model Mars Rover and had to fire a catapult to hit aliens, charge up at a solar panel, move some rocks and make it to the Mars Base. We programmed ours to do a little dance too!"
The Space topic is in the GCSE Physics course for Separate Scientists, and students were exemplary in both behaviour and engagement at the National Space Centre. We can't wait to learn more about Space in Year 11!


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