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Sporting Highlights from a roasting hot Sports Day!

Sporting Highlights from a roasting hot Sports Day!

Despite navigating bubbles and the intense heat, Team PE delivered a fantastic sports day for students. 
The day began with year 9 field and long-distance events with the students putting in amazing performances. Then it was the opportunity for year 10, whose camraderie and sportsmanship was brilliant to see – cheering constantly, offering support and words of encouragement to those flagging in the heat.

The day concluded with the sprint events – and what a show down we had! With so many close races – it will be exciting to see which house will finish first, as we add these scores into the overall house competition.

A huge congratulations to all our students who showed great resilience, team spirit and effort across the day.

Team PE are very proud of every single student who took part.

Year 9 Boys 

100m – Noah Malloy (Earhart) – 12.72s 

200m – Noah Malloy (Earhart) – 27.93s 

300m – Harvey Hathway (Earhart) – 57.12s 

800m – Bailey Depper-Gillians (Rowling) – 2.37.8mins 

1500m – George Lewis (Churchill) – 7.07.09 mins 

Javelin – Joe Mead (Attenborough) – 25.2m 

Shot put – Louie Hood (Churchill) – 11.2m 

Discus – Cameron Brayshaw (Earhart) – 23m  

Year 9 Girls 

100m – Georgia Hewitt (Churchill) – 14.01s 

200m – Anika Biggs (Earhart) – 30.52s 

300m – Millie Hawkings (Earhart) – 52.49s 

800m – Amelia Godfrey (Attenborough) – 3.09.16 mins 

1500m – Amelia Godfrey (Attenborough) – 6.06.87 mins 

Javelin – Mia Griffin (Churchill) – 19.8m 

Shot put – Nickola Kluska (Earhart) – 8.00m 

Discus – Kacey Wallis (Churchill) – 14.88m  

Year 10 Girls 

100m – Farren Hopkins (Churchill) – 12.77s 

200m – Ben Gudger (Churchill) – 27.44s 

400m – Luke Gudger (Churchill) – 1.00.12 mins 

800m – Tom Blizzard (Churchill) – 2.34.17mins 

1500m – Ben Gudger (Churchill) – 5.18.16 mins 

Javelin – Chris Blinco (Rowling) – 22.40m 

Shot put – Jack Ellis (Earhart) – 11m 

Discus – Sam Jenkins (Attenborough) – 18.7m  

Year 10 Boys 

100m – Eleri Edwards (Earhart) 14.06s 

200m – Emma Jones (Attenborough) – 34.51s 

300m – Lilly Taylor (Churchill) – 54.61s 

800m – Lauren Coates (Attenborough) – 2.52.54 mins 

1500m – Lauren Coates (Attenborough) – 5.27.24 mins 

Javelin – Izzy Underwood (Earhart) – 13.6m 

Shot put – Ellie-May Hall (Attenborough) – 7.1m 

Discus – Maddi Lawrence (Rowling) – 13.6m