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Spanish Immersion Day

Spanish Immersion Day

Today was our Second Spanish Immersion Day and students had a great time learning about the different Festivals in Spain with Teresa Menéndez García (La Flamenca Vagabunda). This workshop was completely in Spanish, so students had to concentrate really hard and remain focused to understand it all and make some notes. They also had the opportunity to ask questions about the different festivals.
There was also a Spanish Sports workshop in which students learned about popular sports in Spain, famous sports players and the history behind them all.
Students also had the opportunity to present their school and area. Both schools enjoyed watching each other presentations and practised their listening skills.
After this, NBHS students interacted with Spanish students from the Mira Sierra school in Madrid through TEAMS. They asked each other questions and got to know their mutual interests. Students were very engaged and enjoyed practising their speaking skills to boost their confidence and vocabulary knowledge ready for their upcoming GCSE speaking examination in the summer. 


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