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Silent Macbeth Debate

Silent Macbeth Debate

We are so proud of our year 10s who have finished reading Shakespeare's tragic play Macbeth which they will be examined on in their GCSE English Literature in 2023.
During their lessons, students have explored the text in-depth and have produced two essays that demonstrate their knowledge of characters and themes. 
To end the unit, some classes this week debated controversial opinions about the play, however with a twist- they had to do so in silence! 
10n1 had lots of opinions they were eager to share. We were also proud to see them respectfully challenge the opinions of others. The most controversial statement proved to be "Banquo is a pointless character" and "If there had been one more act, Macbeth would have changed."
We are so proud of Year 10 and cannot wait to move on to our next Literature unit after Easter: Power and Conflict Poetry.


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