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Scrummy Spanish Immersion

Scrummy Spanish Immersion

Years 10 and 11 had a wonderful time visiting a Spanish Restaurant. They were warmly welcomed by the restaurant staff and introduced themselves in Spanish when they arrived. 
As the afternoon progressed, some students participated in a vocabulary memory competition in Spanish and gained house points for their return. Students also had vocabulary and verb puzzles to resolve at their tables while waiting for the delicious food to arrive. 
Students learned about Spanish gastronomy and customs and completed a GCSE role play at the end of the session involving ordering food and a three-course meal in Spanish. To make things more challenging, we threw in the problems for them to raise with the staff such as a dirty fork, needing extra napkins and another drink. This ensured that they stretched their language skills even further!
Overall, it was a lovely day in which students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Spanish language,  culture and practise their Speaking skills in preparation for their GCSE examination.

Spanish Immersion



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