Ofsted Good Provider

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

At North all students in Y9 will study Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (RPE) and offered as a GCSE and A Level for those wanting to study the subject further. The RPE curriculum is designed to promote an interest and love for the three disciplines associated with Religious Studies: Philosophy, Theology and Social Science. Through the use of core concepts students will build an understanding of those three disciplines, covering subjects often studied at a higher level but made accessible, for example Epistemology and Metaphysics. RPE will enable students to develop core skills such as critical thinking, oracy, written expression, problem solving and teamwork, needed in a variety of different career and further study pathways. 
RPE is an exciting and vibrant subject that can support students in exploring some of societies big issues, with each lesson designed around a 'big question' we want students to confidently and safely discuss sensitive issues and question the world around them. Students will be encouraged to work with others, including other schools, take part in competitions, have visiting speakers and planned trips. For example, we recently took part in a Spirited Arts competition held annually by the National Association for Religious Education (NATRE) as well as having a speaker for Humanist UK.