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Recognising Success at North

Recognising Success at North

After a long term of hard work, effort and focusing on achievement, our students were awarded CARE certificates and badges. 
Class teachers nominated a student for Aspiration for outstanding academic performance over the term. They also awarded an Endeavour certificate for progress and hard work. All of these students were awarded either a star or shield badge. These are bronze for year 9, silver for year 10 and gold for year 11. We can’t wait to see these on blazer lapels in January and gaining in numbers as the year progresses! 
Tutors have also awarded Community certificates to those students who’ve shown community leadership in the tutor group. 
Heads of House and Progress Leaders nominated for the Respect Award for overcoming adversity, supporting others and being someone we should give ‘respect’ to for their actions. 
The CARE award is for outstanding students who have been recognised as having achieved in all areas across a term and therefore deserve special recognition. Students awarded this are the pinnacle in the year group or House for the term. 
Well done team North for everyone’s hard work. 


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