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The scientific study of us humans remains an ever-popular option choice at GCSE and this continues into the sixth form.  Our lesson cover so many diverse topics and we always endeavour to get the students completing and taking part in psychological studies – when ethical to do so!

When studying memory, students get to test their memory function and establish if they are indeed a memory mastermind or need to try applying memory techniques to their own learning when we do recall and retrieval activities to prepare for assessments.

Another topic that Y10 and Y11 investigate is language, thought and communication and as a part of this we have an exciting visit to West Midlands Safari Park planned so Y11 can conduct their very own animal behaviour research.

But that’s not our only visit to the safari park, they also develop our Y12 and Y13s knowledge of phobias, what causes them and how to overcome them.  This year’s trip resulted in students challenging their fears by holding a stick insect or a rat, they were very brave, and we’ll be heading back to do the same again with our new Y12 psychologists.