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North rises to the challenge of Children In Need

North rises to the challenge of Children In Need

On a very wet week in November, the spirit of North Bromsgrove shone through as students and staff alike raised money for a worthy cause.

This was no small operation. The House Council had thought hard about a dynamic, engaging and inclusive programme of events they could provide for Children in Need 2023- one that would engage and excite as well as raise as much money as possible for charity. Utilising staff and student connections, a schedule was created.

Starting with the 6th Form Bingo. A welcome mix of chaos and enthusiasm encompassed the main hall as all post-16-students spent their timetabled Wednesday CARE lesson nervously waiting for their numbers to be called. An initially shaky start by the Bingo Master, Mr Taylor, was soon recovered into what became a thoroughly entertaining afternoon for all involved. To top it off £225 was raised- a superb effort, and a sign of things to come.

Wednesday’s fun was the perfect warm-up to the main event- an action-packed Friday filled with activities tailored for all.

Students were invited to come in non-uniform, with a splash of colour according to their house. Some took this to the extreme- face paint, suits and tinted sunglasses were frequent sights when walking down the corridors. 

At break, Year 11s flocked to the sports hall, determined to leave victorious over their teachers. Tug of war (trialled successfully by the Sixth Formers a few weeks previously) was the game. Students donated in exchange for the privilege of competing, and soon after the hall was inundated with teams ready to take on the assembled staff legion tasked with defending not only past titles but their integrity too. This was apparent- the dominant performance of the staff versus all teams was unprecedented, with special mentions to Mr Stanford’s power and Mrs Evans’ taunting. Though disappointed faces left the gymnasium, another generous contribution had been given.

Though the traditional go-to of all charity fundraisers, the lunchtime bake sale, or ‘mega bake sale’ as it should be called, certainly surpassed all of its kind during our 5 years here. The astonishing commitment shown by all in the school to bake, buy and bring cakes and treats created a humongous spread that the Candyman would have been proud of. Even more impressive was the rate at which it went- all ages donated generously in exchange for sweet treats, and by the end of the hour lunch window, hardly any was left.

Overall, the combined efforts of all these events raised a staggering £1075. An incredible achievement that champions the selfless spirit of North Bromsgrove, but more importantly helps young people in our local communities who need it most.