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Maths Challenge Results

Maths Challenge Results

Thanks to all the students who took part in the Maths Challenge at home this year. You'll get 10 points for entering and here are the winners for each year group!

Year 9 winners: Grace Hall, Charley Keen, Aaron Machado (Best in Year 9)


Year 10: Anaya Pye (Gold - Best in Year 10 and Best in School, qualifier of the follow-up Pink Kangaroo competition), Hayden Weston (Bronze), Tom McRoy (Bronze), Tom Blizzard (Bronze), Theo Mugglestone (Bronze), Chloe Howdle (Bronze)

Year 11: Callum Stone (Silver), Harry Parslow (Bronze), William Harris-Hale (Bronze), Luke Galt (Silver), Sophie Rose (Bronze), Amy Beckley (Bronze), Caitlin Kelly (Bronze), Jess Johnson (Silver and Best in Year 11), Lauren Bethel (Silver), Oliver Bennett (Bronze)