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Life skills for Health

Life skills for Health

Health and Social Care is a popular subject with our busy sixth form students who choose it with a view to following a career in health related work or continuing onto university and studying Health and Social Care, Nursing, Social Work or Early Childhood Studies. 

As part of the course, students are introduced to the basic structure and functions of the body systems involved in everyday activities and maintenance of health, including cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems. Students will also understand the part played by organs such as the pancreas, liver and kidney. They will investigate the systems and organs involved in detecting and responding to change such as the nervous system as well as the eyes and ears. Unfortunately, things do go wrong and each system has well-known diseases and disorders.
This week,  Health students have been learning the responsibilities of a first aider in a health and social care setting.  This practical element forms part of their Unit 3 exam on Health, Safety and Security. We explore the need for safeguarding in health and social care and how to protect the most vulnerable people in our society. DRABC and the CPR techniques were soon mastered and displayed on the Annie dolls by our fabulous students, sadly to the tune of Baby Shark! 


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