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Induction Day at North

Induction Day at North


New year 9 students were welcomed to North and given their PE boot bag with their English Literature book, ‘Of Mice and Men’ and a North pen. 


Induction had been delayed because of Covid but now, with the start of the new term beckoning, the Year 9 students could finally come up and see their high school. 


North Bromsgrove High School has invested in a new pastoral structure for September with progress leaders for each year group, supported by non-teaching pastoral managers. 


Miss. Walls, the new Progress Leader for Year 9 said, ‘I can’t wait to meet our new year group. This is our biggest cohort yet as the school has grown in popularity and size. By giving each child a boot bag for PE and their English reading book, it gives them a great start into both our academic and enrichment programme’.