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House Christmas Competition

House Christmas Competition


The house competition to decorate their own Christmas trees over the final weeks of the term led to real creativity and competitiveness as they were added to each day. The huge 10-foot trees stood proud in the windows above the student entrance into school and featured in the opening of our Christmas Community film.  

Alongside the trees, we held our annual Christmas card competition across all year groups and with our winning card by Cerys in year 10, we then published the card and sent it to our links in the local community who we wanted to thank for their hard work. 

With our beautiful trees, personalised cards and Christmas community film, the school was alive with Christmas spirit and goodwill! 

We then ended the term with celebration assemblies across all year groups held virtually and in forms, awarding endeavour and attainment in each class. Each teacher has chosen the student who has made the most progress and worked hard for the endeavour certificate and for attainment, the highest performer in the class by subject.  

Following the Attitude to Learning grades, for those with exceptional reports, we held  ‘Tea with Mr G’ which consisted of most wanting the hot chocolate and marshmallow option!

Merry Christmas to all our North Bromsgrove family!