Ofsted Good Provider

Hope for the future

It was a privilege and honour to hear Alison Cope talk so inspiringly about preventing youth violence following the tragic death of her own son, Joshua, to knife crime. Joshua was killed at a memorial organised for his friend who had also been killed by knife crime and at the young age of only 18. Her powerful presentation conveyed the importance of prevention, the emotive realisation of how choices affect loved ones and how young people retain hope for the future.
Year 9 and 10 students listened with absolute respect and sympathy as Alison gave her speech. So moved was Alex Morgan, one of our talented art students, he drew a picture of her son in remembrance of the life he had lived. 
Students engaged in a range of activities such as gym workout, football & bike rides with a focus on positive ways of interacting with others and using energy in a good way. 
We were repeatedly praised for how respectful the boys were and their enthusiasm and engagement in the activities. Well done to all the students and to Miss Dugmore for organising it.