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GCSE Results Day

GCSE Results Day

We are celebrating another excellent set of GCSE results today. We are delighted with another strong set of GCSE results and our students and staff should feel very proud, especially in light of the recent challenges.

Virtually all achieved results to gain places to pursue their post 16 studies or work-based training. We celebrate the success of all our students equally and their achievements should never be underestimated.


Such achievements reflect the high expectations we have of our students, the high quality of teaching from our staff, the support and leadership of the governing body and, last but certainly not least, the endeavours of our fantastic students during a time of real disruption through Covid.


The school shares the success of these results with the students who worked hard to achieve their targets and the magnificent support of the parents. Schools do not succeed in isolation and any credit should be shared equally across our North family.


High fliers included Jess Johnson, Luke Galt, Michael Greenfield and Ciara Moloney who across their grades were awarded the prestigious grade 9. In addition, fantastic academic progress featuring the top 10% in the country went to Mollie Bignall, Holly Martin, Ciara Moloney, Emily Keen and Isabelle Lippitt.


These results complement our superb Sixth Form A Level results released recently. It is rewarding to see our students achieving academic excellence with such zeal and confidence as they embark upon their post 16 studies.  It is a privilege to work with our talented staff, and it is with a deep sense of commitment that we will continue to nurture the talents and abilities of our students.


These results are further proof of North’s ongoing success in providing an education which enables our students to pursue their highest goals and aspirations.

Thanks to @Peter Lopeman for the photos