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Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations

Chinese (Lunar) New Year Celebrations

Students and staff at North Bromsgrove High School celebrated the Chinese (Lunar) New Year in style.

In preparation for this event, Mr Man (Teacher of Maths) and Mrs Smith (Head of House / Teacher of PE) launched the New Year competition during the four House assemblies. Afterwards, the students and staff got involved in constructing the New Year lanterns and decorations during tutor time which celebrate the Year of the Dragon. The lanterns were colourful and were in the colours that reflect on the school’s CARE values. That is, yellow (Churchill – community), blue (Attenborough – aspiration), red (Rowling – respect) and green (Earhart – endeavour).

The lanterns were then collected by the House and Sports leaders who then helped assemble the lantern decorations at the atrium. The lanterns looked impressive, and this set the tone for the New Year celebrations which took place on Friday 9th February (Chinese (Lunar) New Year’s Eve). The lantern decorations were then judged by Mrs Ingram (Senior Deputy Head) and Mrs Hodgson (Deputy Head). Congratulations go to Churchill who won the lantern display competition! Special mentions also go to Saphire J (9H1) for her beautiful red dragon display and to Mrs Waters for the very special lantern!

On the day itself, the canteen team delivered a special Chinese New Year menu for the students and staff. Dishes include spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken / vegetables, chicken in black bean sauce, rice (egg fried / boiled), chips, prawn crackers and pineapple cake. The menu received positive feedback from the students and staff who get the experience of Chinese cuisine whilst celebrating one of the most important celebrations in the Lunar New Year calendar.

Whilst students and staff were having their lunches, they were also treated to a beautiful piece titled “The Song of Twilight” written by Yoshoa Nakada and delivered by two of our talented Year 9 musicians. Thank you to Miss Chater for organising this!

Mr Man said, “Chinese (Lunar) New Year is the most important events that is celebrated by not just the Chinese but to many Far East Asians from all around the world. Speaking as someone of Chinese heritage, this has really brightened up this half term and enhances both the students’ and staff’s awareness of celebrating festivals from different cultures. Thank you to everyone who participated in this event, and I cannot wait to celebrate Chinese (Lunar) New Year with my family during half term!”