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Childrens Mental Health Week Wordy Wednesday

Children's Mental Health Week Wordy Wednesday


Scientific research shows that reading and then talking about what you have read is beneficial to mental health and wellbeing. There is something called bibliotherapy and it has a profound effect on people suffering from depression. Reading is proven to improve concentration, emotional understanding, self-awareness while at the same time reduces stress, alleviates negative thoughts and prepares you for a good nights sleep.

We are asking everyone to get creative by taking part in ‘Book Face’ and writing or creating an audio/ video summary of what the book is about.

Below are some examples from staff and students at NBHS

Don’t forget to send in all of your photos and book summaries to your HOH

Churchill (Mr Darby)- MDA@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Attenborough (Miss Shipman)- FSH@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Rowling (Mr Kimberlin)- AKI@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Earhart (Miss Travers)- KTR@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk