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Children's Mental Health Week Tasty Tuesday

Children's Mental Health Week Tasty Tuesday

Head of Food Technology Mrs O’Grady has made this cooking video for Tasty Tuesday and has set up a school Youtube cooking channel for her students.


If students are cooking today, they must, of course, do it under the supervision of an adult.

 Some great resources on the links below.






Email your daily pictures of the food you have cooked/ baked and completed activity sheets to your Heads of House:

Churchill (Mr Darby)- MDA@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Attenborough (Miss Shipman)- FSH@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Rowling (Mr Kimberlin)- AKI@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Earhart (Miss Travers)- KTR@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

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