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Chefs of the future

Chefs of the future

Year 10 Food and Nutrition remains a very popular subject at school and it is no surprise when it is led by Mrs O'Grady, who was head chef herself for many years in a successful restaurant in Stratford-Upon-Avon. This real-world experience means that the lessons are very tailored to understanding food in terms of making a living from the industry and so there is much encouragement for choosing and creating dishes that are both visually appealing, on budget and super tasty!
Year 10 GCSE Food students have done an amazing job this week with their NEA 2 mock practical assignments which involved producing three complex dishes suitable for teenagers in a three-hour block of time and doing all of the washing up too! Learning to work at pace in the kitchen and produce results is a key skill to passing the exam at a high level in Year 11 so getting in the skills and practice now is essential.
Students rose to the challenge with true North student grit and gusto and produced dishes you would be very happy to be served in a restaurant.
A massive congratulations to all our brilliant Year 10 food students who have worked so hard.


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