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Celebrating NBHS sixth form success with the Senior Maths Challenge!

Celebrating NBHS sixth form success with the Senior Maths Challenge!

44 A Level Maths students from North Bromsgrove High School and Sixth Form participated in the 2023 UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. They were tested on their mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems. 25 multiple choice questions were asked with all of them designing to make students think. They were only given plain paper and no calculators were allowed throughout the 90-minute paper based challenge.

Students faced tough competition and competed against students from different schools around the UK and around the world. Only two-thirds of all participants receive certificates with gold awarded to the top 11% of entrants, silver to the next 22% and bronze to the next 33%.

The Maths department are proud to announce a record number of winners! Two of our students achieved Silver, with a further eight students who achieved Bronze. Many congratulations go to all and for those who participated in the competition.

The certificates will go well with their CVs and their plans for the next steps ahead. It is also a further testament to our increasing aspiration of A Level Maths (and for some Further Maths) students to achieve the highest grades whilst making it inclusive for all.

Mr Man, teacher of Maths and organiser of the UKMT Maths Challenge competitions at North Bromsgrove High School and Sixth Form, said: "I am absolutely delighted to see more of our students achieving excellent results in the Senior Maths Challenge. This is down to several factors including our students working hard to work or exceed their aspirational targets; to the A Level Maths team for their hard work in providing consistently good to outstanding Maths teaching to our students; and to be involved in the GLOW Maths Hub and leading on A-Level Maths pedagogy to schools around Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.  We are also seeing more of our students who are considering studying STEM-related subjects at university, including students who are applying to the University of Cambridge to read Maths or Natural Sciences. I look forward to how our sixth form students perform in the A-Level Maths exams in Summer 2024."

In addition, the Maths department also ran a house competition to see which house performed best in the Senior Maths Challenge. Earhart came top with 100 points, followed by Attenborough with 85, Churchill with 70 and Rowling with 65. All the points contribute to the Scholars Cup.


Year 13:

Lewis R (Best in School)






Lewis L

Year 12:

Izzy (Best in Year 12)




Silver winners - Anaya and Lewis (Best in school)
13D winners - Anaya (Silver), Olly (Bronze) and Lewis (Silver and Best in School)
13A winner - Hayden
12D winners - Ruby, Izzy (Best in Year 12) and Tom (all bronze)
12A winner - Charley (Bronze)