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Bringing real life issues to North

Bringing real life issues to North

This week, we saw the return of one of our most celebrated days on the school calendar: the Drop-Down Day. This is a day when we bring in outside speakers to discuss real-world issues with our students and allow them the opportunity to understand and ask questions about these topics, some of which can be very challenging. There is also a clear focus on careers throughout the day; with sessions exploring different jobs and the associated salaries, along with the older students using Unifrog to develop these skills further. 
Our Year 9 programme saw visitors from the Police and the Fire and Rescue service delivering sessions; we also focused on self-esteem and the dangers of vaping. Year 10 had visiting speakers from Nationwide Bank who used the day to film their work with our students; we look forward to seeing our students and Mrs Barnes on their publicity materials! Developing skills in understanding money and the world of finance is absolutely essential in today's climate and students responded incredibly well to the session. Year 11 worked on their team skills with an exciting tug of war, along with various other activities, before their focus on well-being, revision and being issued with their revision guidance booklets to take home for the half term.
It was a super day, and we are very grateful to all our external providers who gave up their time coming to school to share their professional expertise. 


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