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Blinding you with science

Blinding you with science

At North Bromsgrove, we want our students to be knowledgeable about the world they live in and the cultural and historical events that have shaped our society. By developing mindset and scientific skills alongside their social, cultural and moral values, we hope our students will become citizens of our ever-expanding scientific world. 

Our light, huge, well-stocked laboratories and prep rooms, allow us to provide extensive practical opportunities for our students and support us in enriching their learning through a plethora of activities such as STEM, Debating, Animal Club, Paper Aeroplane Club and Forensics Science Club. 

Embedded within our newly rewritten schemes of learning are ‘hot topics’ ensuring our curriculum is kept live, stimulating and exciting for all students. The curriculum is delivered by a team of enthusiastic Science teachers with a range of expertise across different fields, who foster positive relationships with students. Teaching from Yr 9 (KS3) through to their A-level specialisms (KS5), all teachers understand the sequencing of Science through the key stages and ensure to make links within their teaching to retrieve and challenge our students.


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