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Classroom Routines

Homework, feedback and marking are mapped into schemes of work for consistency across teams. They are peer or self-assessed where possible and reflect a varied ‘diet’ across the scheme, for example using flipped learning and pre-reading. Students mark their work in red pen.

Across a two-week timetable, Year 9 core subjects of English, Maths and Science have three homework tasks set; one of these will be the retrieval of key learning and focus on embedding knowledge (these will be approximately 30 minutes each) All other subjects will have 1 homework (about 30 minutes).
Year 10/11 core subjects of English, Maths and Science will have 3 homework tasks set; one of these will be a retrieval of key learning and focus on embedding knowledge (40 minutes each) Options will have 1 a fortnight (1 hour).
Year 12/13 students have four hours of independent learning tasks; one of which will be pre-reading linked to the next lesson.


 We focus on a simple, yet effective principle of 'Every Classroom, Every Day'. This is a shared understanding between staff and students of what is a standard expectation for our school community across all lessons. This poster is displayed in all classrooms.  


Behaviour for learning is absolutely key to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to succeed and feel safe. Our refocus routines work on the basis that we address the behaviour that has not met expectations and we look for the positive to restore relationships and a harmonious environment in the classroom.  

This poster is also displayed in all classrooms.