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Open Evening September 2023



(Headteacher Speech at 5:45pm and repeated at 6:45pm)

You do not need to book to attend our Open Evening on 21st September 2023.

For Morning Tours on the 18th, 19th, 20th & 25th Sept or the 9th, 10th of October please complete the following booking form: NBHS Morning Tours Booking Form.


Headteacher Welcome

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to North Bromsgrove High School. 

Here's some information and films showing the school's faculties, staff and environment that were filmed for our virtual guides last autumn.

Choosing the right school takes time and is one of the most important decisions that any parent will make. North Bromsgrove is a 13-18 High School in which we strive for academic excellence and offer an education that seeks to develop the ‘whole person’ within a caring and supportive environment.


There is a shared moral imperative by all members of our school to deliver an inclusive education, within our state-of-the-art facilities, which ensures that ‘everyone succeeds’. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of teaching and learning, and we are proud that our students demonstrate high standards of dress, aspirational goals, a personal vision and a sense of integrity.


Our school motto ‘Studies Determine Character’ is lived out day to day by offering a tailored academic curriculum in conjunction with an enormous range of opportunities on offer beyond the classroom. Our enrichment programme fosters endeavour and commitment which complement leadership, teamwork, trust and kindness. The blend of academic and enrichment activities across the school ensures every student can grow and develop, whatever their interests and talents.


We believe that ‘learning is transformative’ and being a successful school is about providing the best possible education – one that creates a love of learning and nurtures the talent and confidence of our students so that they are well equipped to go on to achieve their highest aspirations.

And so... does the rhetoric meet the daily diet?  Well, I would encourage you to : 


• Take the virtual tour by watching the films on this page or on our YouTube

• View our prospectus.

• View our curriculum and course information here 

• Send us an email if you have any questions at reply@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

We wish you every success and happiness as you make this important decision for your future.  

Thank you.