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Key Contacts

Key Contacts


Mr N. Gibson - headteacher@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs A. Ingram - ain@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Assistant Headteacher - Head of Sixth Form

Miss S. Figg - sfi@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Assistant Headteacher - Pastoral and Guidance

Mrs D. Hodgson - dho@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Assistant Headteacher - Curriculum and Achievement

Mr M. Horton - mho@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Assistant Headteacher - SENCO

 Mrs R. Jenkinson - rje@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Associate Assistant Headteacher - Communications and CEIAG

 Mrs C. Bishop - cbi@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk

Associate Assistant Headteacher - Transition

 Miss S. Major - sma@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk