Uniform Expectations

Full School uniform must be worn in lessons and in the school

Optional Items 











Physical Education Uniform List 

Uniform can be purchased from S&H Schoolwear and Sports (formerly known as Bromsgrove Sports) 1 Church St, Bromsgrove, B61 8DD. Telephone: 01527 874885. Alternatively our Pre-Loved Jacket shop was launched in 2016-2017, where jackets of all sizes, for boys and girls, can be exchanged and purchased. Details are available below.

Pre-Loved Jacket Form



Students who arrive at school inappropriately dressed may be provided with suitable loan replacement items. We reserve the right to either send a student home or place them in isolation until the uniform has been rectified.

The final decision on appropriateness of uniform items is at the discretion of Mr. Smith (Deputy Head teacher: Care and Guidance). Please be encouraged to consult with Mr. Smith or your daughter/son’s appropriate Head of Year at the earliest opportunity prior to purchase for advice, guidance or clarification.

Hairstyles should be in keeping with a formal place of work, unnatural hair colours and patterns shaved into the hairstyle are not permitted. The shaving of lines into the eyebrow is not acceptable.

Makeup needs to remain discreet; if it is deemed to be excessive the student will be asked to remove it.



We want all students who attend North Bromsgrove High School to have a strong sense of pride and feel part of our school community. Wearing our school uniform correctly helps instil this sense of belonging whilst at the same time demonstrates respectful behaviour.

Beyond school, the majority of workplaces have either corporate or formal attires, which employees have to follow. Therefore, adhering to our school’s uniform expectations helps prepare students for their working lives.

Please see below for some acceptable examples of the most commonly mispurchased school uniform items

Boys School Shoes:


Girls School Shoes:

School Trousers



Our rules are kept simple to promote learning, reduce unnecessary conflict and produce a calm working environment.

We expect ALL our students to comply with the following:IMG_0056
Students to arrive on time at 8.50am and students will be marked late at 8.55am.

  • Students are to be prompt for lessons with the correct equipment to include pen, pencil, ruler and eraser.
  • Trainers are not permitted and the expectation is that all students will wear black shoes.

At any one given time there maybe students wearing trainers for legitimate reasons that we are made aware of (e.g injuries)

  • Students are to wear appropriate school uniform at all times. No hoodies, outdoor coats, scarves or gloves are not to be worn inside the building.
  • Only plain white T shirts may be worn visibly under the shirt
  • Jewellery as follows will not be permitted for health and safety reasons; hooped earrings, spacers, spikes, plugs, facial piercings necklaces, bracelets and rings. (However, there is not a limit on the number of ear piercings.) No jewellery is allowed in PE.
  • No smoking is allowed on school site, when travelling to and from school, or when wearing school uniform.
  • MP3 players/iPods not to be seen or used while in school building.
  • Students are only allowed to have clear water drinks (no other drinks allowed in lessons).
  • No eating or drinking in corridors. All food and drinks purchased from the school canteen to be consumed within the school canteen. Food and drinks brought into school by pupils may be consumed either in the school canteen or main hall.
  • Due to the chargeable damage it causes to equipment and property, chewing gum will not be permitted.
  • The use of abusive or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
  • Students must adhere to the policy which supports acceptable use of ICT.