Student Absence

January 31, 2017

By North Bromsgrove | Posted in: News


Student Absence

As a school, we are constantly working to ensure our communication with you is easier, quicker and more efficient. Therefore, we are very pleased to notify parents that we have recently launched a new feature in school that allows parents to text us directly regarding their son/daughter. This can used to report student absences to us, which will avoid us having to get into contact with parents when their son/daughter is not in school.

You can now text us on 07537436316, (please save this number into your phone.)

For parents who are unclear of our procedures for reporting a student absence we have provided the guidance below.

If your son/daughter is unwell and unable to attend school they can now either text us 07537436316 or call 01527 839735 before 8.30am. If parents do not let us know their child is off sick, we will automatically send a text message that your son/daughter is absent. It is crucial that parents reply to this message otherwise your son/daughters absence will be recorded as unauthorised; the same process is used if your son/daughter is late to school.

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