Head Teacher’s response to Examination League Tables

January 26, 2018

By North Bromsgrove | Posted in: News


We are disappointed with the recent press coverage regarding our position in school performance table. To give context to the examination results from June 2017, the performance tables only tell a limited story about the school, using historical data, which does not reflect the improvements taking place.
The current data shows an improved and positive picture of progress and achievement across all year groups, which is testament to the hard work of staff and students, and commitment of parents/carers.
The Sixth Form continues to improve. The quality of our provision is also exemplified by the range of opportunities, the quality of support and guidance the students receive, and positive outcomes for our young people.
As Geoff Barton – ASCL General Secretary – wrote in the TES yesterday : ‘Performance tables are an exercise in statistics with constantly shifting goalposts. Today’s statistics tell us that the number of schools falling below the “floor standard” has increased. But this is chiefly because of changes to the way that Attainment 8 and Progress 8 have been calculated as a result of GCSE reforms. In today’s statistical release, the DfE itself says these changes are the main reason for more schools being below the floor standard. This is not a surprise. Everyone knew this would happen. And yet the floor standard has been applied to these shifting sands with the resulting unfairness that more schools now find themselves on the wrong side of the bar because of changes in statistical methodology.’

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