Reporting an Absence

If your daughter/son is unwell and unable to attend school you, then please contact us at the earliest opportunity by either;

Calling the attendance line on 01527 839735

Texting the attendance team on 07537 436316

Messaging the attendance team on

The Importance of Attendance

There is strong statistical evidence to show that students who have excellent attendance are more successful in school and achieve to a significantly higher standard. Research from the Department for Education suggests that 17 missed school days a year will result in a drop of one grade in GCSE achievement.

Attendance is inextricably linked to achievement and attainment. Official statistics show that 78.7% of students with full attendance in key stage 4 achieved 5+ A* to C grades including English and Maths. For students with attendance between 95% and 99.9% this dropped to 69.1% and by the time a student became a persistent absentee (ie attendance of 90% or below) the rate of students still achieving 5+ of the top grades has decreased to 35.6%. The table below highlights the link between attendance and learning.

Everyday counts…because students achieve significantly better when they attend school all day, every day.

Everyday counts…because attending school every day will improve a student’s life chances.

Everyday counts…because attending school helps build social and emotional skills such as resilience.

Everyday counts…because going to school is a legal requirement.


If a students attendance over the school year is… …they will miss this many days… …and this many lessons…
95% 10 60
90% 19 114
85% 29 174
80% 39 234
75% 49 294
70% 58 348


We aim for every student to have 100% attendance and, whilst genuine illness cannot be avoided we need to be mindful of any medical appointments that are taken within school time. These appointments are classed as absences and can, therefore, have a negative effect on attendance figures.

Wherever possible, medical appointments should be made outside school hours. If this is not possible, students should aim to be in school during registration and before mid-day when the official registers are calculated.

Students are expected to attend school for 190 days each year; this means that there are 175 days when they are not in school in which to book medical appointments, holidays, leisure activities, etc.

If parent/carers do not let the school know their child is away from school ill, then you will automatically receive text message to notify you that your daughter/son is absent.  It is vital that parent/carers reply to this message otherwise your daughter/son’s absence will be recorded as unauthorised; the same process is used if your daughter/son is late.

For further information and support please refer to our attendance policy which can be found Here or contact Mrs J Belmonte, Attendance Leader at North Bromsgrove High School (01527 872375)  or alter natively via email at

Ways to Improve Your Attendance

  • Talk regularly to your form tutor if you have any worries within school
  • Ensure you are ready and organised to face each day
  • Keep yourself fit and healthy so you don’t become unwell
  • Make it an expectation to attend school everyday
  • Embrace the school environment, make good friends, keep motivated and enjoy the challenge.